Penelope Syllignaki is one of the first DJ’s in Greece specialized in Swing jazz music and the sound of this era. Being already familiar with the music, she started as a lindy hopper in Lindy Hop Greece in the early days of the dance in Greece in 2007. Her passion for this era drove her deeper into the music and in 2008 she became LHG’s official Dj.
She has performed in many big events of LHG in Thessaloniki, Athens, and other cities of Greece. She also performs individually, combining different themes at her parties, with videos and music, while using her vinyl and shellac records.
From March 2011 till April 2016 she was producing and presenting her own live radio show, called “Take the A train”, at a major radio station in Thessaloniki. There, she was introducing the history, course and influence of Jazz music to the modern sound, with emphasis on Hot Jazz and Swing.
Penelope has participated in 2011 at Shout Sister Shout festival (Rome, Italy), in 2015 at Leapin’ Lindy Festival (Bern, Switzerland) and she’s never missed a single year from the lineup of Swing ‘n’ Swim Festival (Chalikidiki, Greece), for the last 8 years!