Mariel discovered the Lindy Hop in 2004, when she was 14. Since that time she dedicated herself passionately to dance, moving into different styles. She took classes in jazz dance, classical and contemporary for several years as well as African dance and tango.
When she started dancing Tap she realized that it was in this dance where she could best express the conjunction between the rhythmic elements of music and the movement. Therefore, she devoted herself to emphasized her learning about traditional tap and teach it through a conceptual studying of the rhythm. She is part of the tap companies “Setup” and “Rechapas”.
She also studied music at the Municipal Conservatory of Buenos Aires and nowadays she continues her musical training studying clarinet and singing.
This eclectic training influences in all the different dance styles she dedicates to (lindy hop, charleston, blues and tap)
She participated in different shows as a swing dancer and won many prizes in local and international competitions:
1st place Strictly Lindy with Manuel Bicain, Herrang Dance Camp 2012
1st place Strictly Blues with Gastón Fernández, ESDC (Barcelona) 2011
2nd place Team Division with Argenteam, ESDC (Barcelona) 2011
2do place Strictly Lindy with Manuel Bicain, Herrang Dance Camp 2011
1st Place Solo Charleston, LHAIF 2011
1st place Strictly Lindy with Manuel Bicain, Buenos Aires Open 2010
1st place Showdance with Tina Rizza, Buenos Aires Open 2010
Currently, she teaches regular classes and seminars of Lindy hop, Tap and Authentic Jazz.