Irene Ragusini


Irene started dancing at the age of three.
She trained in classical dance for fourteen years. After trying several types of dance such as modern dance, butoh, and african modern jazz, she discovered the lindy hop and then the authentic jazz and charleston.
She dances swing in various scenes (Athens, Como, Ghent), she travels across Europe and participates in dancing events, competing, teaching courses, tasters and seminars. She is also a member of Chorus Line in Herrang Dance Camp (Sweden) , and a member of the Dipsy Doodles, from Ghent (Belgium) where she lived until recently.

Contests – Awards
1st place Smokey Feet 2014, Amsterdam-Srictly Lindy with Tony Jackson
2nd place Smokey Feet 2014, Amsterdam-JnJ with Mertcan Mert
3rd place Swingin” Under Moon 2013, Valencia-Invitational JnJ with Juanma Gonzales
1st place European Swing Dance Championships 2013, London-Open Classic Division with Tony Jackson
3rd place European Swing Dance Championships 2013, London-Jack n Jill with Jang Hee Chang
2nd place Herrang Championships 2013, Hallstavik-JnJ with Joris Focquaert
3rd place Herrang Championships 2013, Hallstavik-Strictly Lindy with Tony Jackson
1st place Smokey Feet 2013, Amsterdam JnJ with Jens Wisloff
1st place Prague Spring Swing Festival 2012, Prague-JnJ with Axel Eggenfellner
1st place Swing Cité 2012, Gent-Strictly Lindy with Joris Focquaert
3rd place Gentse Hoppers Exchange 2012, Gent-JnJ with Erik Lenaers
3rd place Italian Jitterbug Championships 2011, Rome-JnJ with Raoul Cacciamani