Asa Heedman

Daniel & Asa have been dancing Lindy Hop for more than 20 years, and have been dance partners since 2004.  They have both been teaching and performing across Europe, North America and Asia together with the legendary swing dance troupe The Harlem Hot Shots (formerly the Rhythm Hot Shots) and have at several times been on both national and international television. They have dedicated many years focusing only on Lindy Hop and other dances from the same era like Authentic Jazz, Tap, Slow Drag and Charleston.

Frankie Manning is their true and biggest inspiration and their goal is to continue spreading his spirit and love for Lindy Hop the best they can.

When they teach they focus on getting the best out of each and every one of their students, meaning: helping them find their personal and unique way of expressing themselves. They also put a big emphasis on musicality and rhythms – the more they understand, hear and feel the music / rhythms / energy the better they will be able to express themselves as a dancer.

To them Lindy Hop is a true street dance and they do all they can to keep it like that and not let it transform in to a Ballroom dance. Lindy Hop is Jazz – free from boundaries and rules. To them being a good dancer is not about advanced technical skills or how many figures you know, but rather if you dare to feel and express yourself.

Good dancing makes you smile!