Greek Islands
Swing Parties

Either pure sailing or combining it with swing activities and more, we have realised that “sailing is all about people”

People are the ones bringing the trip to a whole new level and creating those everlasting moments that will keep you warm during the winter. Greece is the perfect playground with its endless shades of blue and seductive beaches ready to be explored.

Swing & Sail 2017 is fully booked! Thank you for your interest. You can send an email at [email protected] to save you a spot for Swing & Sail 2018.
Swing & Sail Pass: 780,00€
  • 7 days living in a sailing boat (Wi-fi included)
  • Skipper
  • 7 Swing Parties (2/7 will take place in Athens and 5/7 in selected venues of the islands we are visiting)
  • Host
  • 6 hours of swing classes in selected venues of the islands we are visiting, with Martin & Minou, an amazing dancing couple from Denmark!
  • Fuel and water
Not included:
  • Flight & Transfers
  • Food & Beverages

Considering the financial situation in Greece, the Greek dancers will have a discount on the initial price of 780€, 20% off.

You don't need to register with a dancing partner to book your spot in the sailing boat.

The Itinerary:
Friday 1/9/17 Athens
Saturday 2/9/17 Athens to Lefkas
Sunday 3/9/17 Lefkas to Paxi
Monday 4/9/17 Paxi to Antipaxi
Tuesday 5/9/17 Antipaxi to Kefalonia
Wednesday 6/9/17 Kefalonia/Ithaca
Thursday 7/9/17 Ithaca
Friday 8/9/17 Ithaca to Lefkas
Saturday 9/9/17 Lefkas to Athens
Sunday 10/9/17 Athens

Transportation from/to the airport

You can take the blue metro line, the suburban railway, the bus or hire a taxi.

  • METRO Ticket to or from Airport (Regular) – 10,00€
  • BUS Ticket to or from Airport(Regular) – 6,00€
  • Taxi Fare ~ 40,00€

Transportation in the city of Athens

The center of Athens is quite small and you can easily walk some distances. Otherwise, metro is probably the most convenient way to move around.

  • Regular Ticket for all modes of 90 minutes (invalid to the Airport lines) – 1,40€

Transportation from Athens to Lefkas and from Lefkas to Athens

The cost of a return ticket from Athens to Lefkas by public bus transportation is approximately 70,00€. Its departure point is only accessible by taxi or bus. We decided to get our own bus at the same price because it gives us the option of departing from a very central location (Syntagma Square), we can make as many stops as we want during the 5-hour trip, we will have free WiFi on board and we can be together. Also,on Friday, 8/9 we will be able to commute within Lefkas to get to the party venue at no extra cost. You need to inform us that you are interested to save you a spot.

Accommodation in Athens

If you are looking for budget accommodation, here are our recommendations

  • Find a local host. Please say that you are interested in being hosted when you register for the event.
  • Book an Airbnb apartment. This is a very affordable option, especially if you share with a few people.
  • http://athenstyle.com/en_GB/ Hostel in the centre of Athens. You can make the booking at this site.

Booking & Payment

Booking can be easily done by email at [email protected] . Send us: your name, country of residence, how many years you are dancing the Lindy Hop or any questions you need to ask.
A group of 10 is ideal for a full sailing boat booking.
Yes, you can! We do encourage solo travelers/dancers, those sailing weeks offer a great balance of making great new connections, dance with people from other countries and at the same time isolating yourself when you desire.
If you are a group of 10, booking your own sailing boat seems your best option. We can guarantee that you will be travelling with your friends.Spot and cabin bookings are great for friends, solo travelers, and couples. We will form your sailing crew of like-minded people accompanied with an awesome skipper and possibly a host. If you are certain about your trip and do not wish to deal with chasing and organizing all of your friends, just book your spot(s) and they can join you when they are ready. We will always make sure to match you on the same sailing boat, as long as we are notified at the time of booking.
You can choose if you wish to pay the full amount straight away or break it down into 2 instalments. Your first payment is due within 5 working days from booking. Either you choose to proceed with the full amount or the 1st instalment (50% of the cost). If you choose to break down the payment, the 2nd instalment of the rest 50% of the cost you can pay in cash (Euros), in Athens, before your departure.
If you decide to cancel your trip, no refund will be given but you can "sell" your pass to another traveller/dancer. We will do our best to inform our dancers for the availability of your spot so you have better chances. No refund will be given if cancellation takes place one month before the event.


Not really. Most of our travelers were first time sailors and they loved it. Swing & Sail is led by friendly and professional captains, so you can relax on board while your captain or crew take care of the rest. It is a great opportunity though to pick up some nautical skills. Pulling ropes, setting sails or steering the wheel? Engage your self in sailing as much as you desire. You don't need to have a skipper license to join Swing & Sail.
The number of sailing boats will vary depending on the dancers/travellers who register. We usually sail out 2-5 sailing boats. We all sail out and moor together, there is though independent flexibility for each sailing boat.
The winds and the sea have the initial saying into that, but yes, we will try to follow the Swing & Sail Week itinerary.
First of all, travel light! Think like a traveler and not like a tourist. Moreover as sailors, we share a limited amount of space for a week, so be practical and keep in mind that most of the day we only wear our swimwear. Sailing boat essentials:
  • Swimsuit
  • Flip Flops
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen & after sun cream
  • Towel / scarf or pareo
  • Light jacket (windproof type) or a hoodie
  • Books
  • Cash (euros)
Beddings and towels are provided, consider only bringing a sleeping bag if you want to sleep on the deck or beach. Feel free to bring music in any kind of forms.
Only encouragement on Swing & Sail behalf! We can put you on a sailing boat that has a single bed (bedroom or bed in the saloon) or you can be grouped with someone of the same sex.
We do not impose any ratios for our sailors, however we aim for a balanced crew and usually we average about 50/50.
Any medical conditions that might constrain you traveling for a week with Swing & Sail must be notified to us. All crew members are asked to fulfill a questionnaire sent by us, where you notify us about any allergies and health concerns that we should be aware of. If you have any doubts or questions regarding health requirements, please feel free to contact us.
We only do sailing weeks, which are typically Saturday to Saturday.
You can arrive a couple of hours or days later, but then you need to make your way to the sailing boat yourself. Send us an email and we will facilitate you with detailed information closer to your arrival. Please keep in mind that your payment remains the same.
You just need to organize transport back to the mainland yourself. Your skipper will drop you off at the most convenient spot and the rest of your crew will continue the trip normally. Transport connections vary depending on your sailing week’s route, so speak to your skipper or contact us and we will advise you about how to get back. Please keep in mind that your payment remains the same.

Skipper & Hostess

The Captain’s Rules:
  1. #1 The Captain is always right.
  2. #2 If the Captain is wrong, see rule #1.
Your captain will brief you on safety and everything around the sailing boat. As the most experienced and responsible one for your safety and comfort, you shall listen to your skipper while on board. Our skippers are not considered as employees, but as companions ready to help you out when you are needed.
Both our skippers and hostesses are fluent in English. Most of them even in a second and third language as well. They have really high hospitality standards and they will ride any wave to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Sailing boat

We do supply a wifi device for your group to use while on the sailing boat. Please keep in mind there is a data limit for the week of 5GB. Coffee shops and restaurants in most Greek islands have free internet access for customers and are easily accessible any time we are ashore.
Before the departure, every group will write down what they need for the week or for couple of days, so the hosts bring from the market what you wish. We can re-supply during the week.

There’s always a kitchen and fridge available for you on the sailing boat. Most commonly prepared dinners on board are oven and pasta dishes.

You will be required to prepare your own food and clean up after yourself. Don’t worry – you are not alone on the sailing boat and everyone may choose to rotate duties. Keep in mind that the skipper is also a part of the crew. Do prepare a meal for him as well if you wanna keep him going.

The host will always be there to help at the maximum with every duty that comes up.

Most of the sailing boats have 5 cabins, which accommodate 10 sailors plus skipper and host. “Sailing is all about people” and we put a great deal of attention in matching the crew. We aim to bring together a mix of like-minded people and keep a gender balance. The allocation is finalized closer to the departure date.

If you book with a friend, you are most welcome to stick together.

If you’re traveling solo, we will do our best to accommodate you comfortably. We pair people of the same gender in cabins. There are also some single bed options available or the saloon if needed. Moreover, despite having their own cabin, we experience a number of romantic sailors preferring to sleep on the deck under the stars.

We always find a solution that satisfies everyone.

Depends on the sailing week & destinations, but on average we sail 3-4 hours per day. Due to the plethora of islands on the Greek Pelagos, you always keep sight of at least one land spot.

When we moor, you are free to do as you desire! You can stay aboard, explore the islands or choose one of the numerous activities.

Safety on sea is our priority. Of course, every boat is equipped with lifejackets, pharmacy and all the precautions for your safety. Your skilled captain though is the one that will make you feel that you are in good hands.

You can always charge phones, tablets, cameras and any other similar devices via a 12V to USB converter on the boat.

For the rest of electrical appliances like hair dryer, shaver and equipment that requires 240V, it is only possible to use when the boat is docked in a marina.

Swing Dance

It's not neccessary to book with your dancing couple. We will try to work on a good leader/follower ratio.

This is something that will come up depending on the level of everyone. It will be something between all and of course there might be some thematical classe, choreographies etc.

We will try our best to ensure you are happy with that.

  • No, we will be relaxing and and having fun on the boats. They will take place in selected venues in Athens and in islands.
  • On Friday night in Athens with our Athenian live Swing band, the Dead Hoofers, and many local dancers of Athens who will be happy to dance with you in an amazing venue.
  • On Saturday night, at Lefkas island in a beautiful bar.
  • On Sunday night, at Paxoi island, an outdoor party.
  • On Tuesday night, at Kefallonia island, in an amazing bar.
  • On Wednesday, in a small restaurant in Ithaca.
  • On Friday, swing party in a bar in Lefkas with a beach lying in front of us.
  • On Saturday night, swing party in Athens with the Athenian swing scene, saying a goodbye to all.